We have over 2000 Buyers in our database, your home may already be sold!

5 Big Reasons to call Jashan Grewal to sell your home:

1. We have Buyers in Waiting - We have over 2000 buyers in our database looking at homes in the Surrey Area.  It is likely that a buyer for your home may already be in my database.  Your Home May Already Be Sold!

2. Your Home Will Sell Twice As Fast - We sell our clients homes on average in only 36 days while the average agents sell theirs in 47 days.

3. Your Home Will Sell Twice As Fast - In fact, we sell 3x more homes than your average agent.  Because we sell so may more homes than our competitors, financially there are extra things we can do for you that other real estate agents and brokers don't offer.  Your home will get far more exposure.  Your home will be exposed to buyers in a much larager area.  Your home will sell fast and for top dollar because of our unique and exclusive consumer programs.

4. Your Home is More Likely to Sell - Not only do we sell our clients homes for more money and fast than the average Surrey Area agent, your home is more likely to sell.  According to 2019 MLS statistics, only 71% of area homes sold during their listing term.  Compare that to 89% of our homes listed sold before the end of their listing term.

5. One Day Listing GUARANTEE - You can test drive a car!...why not your Realtor?!  With Jashan Grewal, we have a one day listing GUARANTEE that allows you to fire us at anytime if you're not 100% satisfied.  We take all the risk...so YOU don't have to!