What is Bare Land Strata ?

By: Jashan Grewal

What is Bare Land Strata ?


We don't have many "Bare Land Strata" in Fraser valley.  I have been a Realtor in Surrey for over 7 years & i specialize in residential real estate. I have sold a few bare land strata homes, people seems to misunderstand bare land strata with strata properties. There is a big difference in strata and bare land strata. 

Bare Land Strata


Bare land strata each lot is owned individually and so is responsible for its own maintenance except common property i.e roads, play grounds, lamp posts, clubhouse. Bare land strata fees are lower than a regular strata and they usually cover garbage pickup, sewer, water and road maintenance. Which a detached home owner pays anyways beside property tax. Bare land strata does not have the right to regulate the home owners use of their own property but there could be a building scheme which now days is common in every subdivision. Building Scheme describes what exterior material you can use, kind of roof that is permissible, Just so that whole subdivision looks alike. 

So in simple words to describe bare land strata home, the owner is responsible to maintain roof, landscaping & exterior of the his own home. In addition to all that all the owner in the bare land strata pitch in Strata fees to keep maintaining the common property.

If you have any questions regarding bare land strata property feel free to call me.

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