What Are You Willing to Sacrifice ‘Must-Haves’ in Favor of Good School.

By: Jashan Grewal

What Are You Willing to Sacrifice ‘Must-Haves’ in Favor of Good School.


It should come as no surprise that buying a home in a good school district is important to home buyers. According to a report  indicated that their home search areas were defined by school district boundaries.

What is surprising, however, is that 78% of recent home buyers sacrificed features from their “must-have” lists in order to find homes within their dream school districts.

Buyers are attracted to schools with high test scores, accelerated academic programs, art and music programs, diversity, and before and after-school programs.

“Most buyers understand that they may not be able to find a home that covers every single item on their wish list, but our survey shows that school districts are an area where many buyers aren’t willing to compromise.

For many buyers and not just buyers with children, ‘location, location, location,’ means ‘schools, schools, schools.’” 

For buyers across the country, the quality of their children’s (or future children’s) education ranks highest on their must-have lists. Before you start the search for your next home, let’s get together to discuss the market conditions in our area.

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