Skytrain as a long term investment for City of Surrey and Langley

By: Jashan Grewal

Skytrain as a long term investment for City of Surrey and Langley


Today, all we need is a rapid transit as communities around the Lower Mainland have population growing at a rapid pace, especially Surrey and Langley as being an anchor for new high density development. If we take a look at Metrotown, Surrey Central and Marine Gateway in south Vancouver for high density development, its been a success.

With the Real Estate prices rising and becoming unaffordable for a common household, we need high density developments to make housing affordable for everyone, which wont happen without rapid transit. Transit needs to go farther connecting communities as road infrastructure is not enough to hold the population growing at its current pace, We need to make our city smarter and connectable to communities.

City of Surrey website describes City of Surrey as second largest city in the province, with a population of more than 500,000. Our population continues to grow and it is estimated to surpass Vancouver in population as the largest city in BC by 2041. we are a growing city that welcomes about 1,000 new residents each month. Surrey is also a youthful city, with one-third of our population under the age of 19. This mean real estate in surrey will always be in demand as I have seen in last 7 years as a realtor in surrey.

As City of Surrey had decided to build the skytrain than the controversial LRT it makes sense. Skytrain will help bring in more high density development just like Surrey Central for Example along the way to Langley which will connect riders to Downtown Vancouver, Surrey, New west and Burnaby along the way. It will reduce congestion on the roads, as skytrain delivers immediate transit improvement for the entire fraser highway even only skytrain is built halfway to Langley City in the first phase, as it already one of surrey`s most congested stretches of road between 140 street to 148 street as it merges into a single lane traffic each way.

Here are some approximate transit time difference for reference between bus and skytrain.
With SkyTrain extending between City Centre and Fleetwood, a commute to Fleetwood that takes up to 28 minutes today by bus will take less than 10 minutes on the future SkyTrain. A commute to Downtown Langley that takes up to 58 minutes by bus today will be significantly reduced to 39 minutes.